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SPIRIT OF THE SUN - A dazzling display of desirable diamondsGrowing as an octahedron - two pyramids back-to-back - the crystal displays excellent light reflection and refraction, the source of its brilliance. Since the 1800s, we have been able to shape the stone and in the early 20C, the 56-facet brilliant cut became the standard.

Compressed deep in the bowels of the earth at searing temperatures, pure carbon in the form of the diamond crystal has captured our imagination for two millennia.

Move over, brilliants: the CONTEXT and SPIRIT cuts are here!

To see the exhibition in book form, CLICK HERE (Will open in a new window)

Developed by master lapidary Munsteiner and licenced to German diamond-cutter Freiesleben, these cuts take pure diamond crystals from Canada and Australia and impart a minimum of abrasion for maximum effect. Tests show their reflectivity as up to 20% greater than a brilliant cut!

The square CONTEXT cut has only eight facets, yet glows with the radiance of the earth’s core, an insight into early creation.

SPIRIT is a round cut, having sixteen upper facets and a further sixteen - offset by half a facet - on its under surface. Christine was dazzled whilst setting them.

Christine has exclusive New Zealand access to these stones and is presenting an exhibition of work specifically designed to demonstrate their exceptional properties.

We look forward to your visiting Christine...The Artist Goldsmith on Waiheke to view - and buy - this collection of exclusive, adventurous, hand-made jewellery. These stones are quite remarkable and offer a whole new appreciation of the diamond.

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